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TRYOUTS FOR  2016 - 2017, OUR 17TH YEAR,


Northern Neck Rage Tryouts 2016
Since 2001, the Fastpitch Softball Organization of the Northern Neck & Middle Peninsula



There are some SOLID reasons to play Northern Neck Rage Fastpitch Softball. 

Read on!  You'll be glad you did!


The Northern Neck Rage, the girls fastpitch softball organization of the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula of Virginia, is preparing for our 17th season and will conduct tryouts for girls ages 10 - 18

A travel team, club ball - any name you use, the activity is similar.  A group of players, coaches and parents get together with a common goal.  The competitive softball that our young ladies play takes the game to a higher level, with some moving on to play college ball.  Over 40 Rage alumni have played college softball. 

Over our history, Rage teams have come together from more than a dozen counties to satisfy their desire for higher competition, elevate their game, make new friends, and have some fun!






Thursday July 28, 6 p.m.


Saturday July 30,  9 a.m. 


Tuesday August 2, 6 p.m


 Tryouts held at the Warsaw Campus of Rappahannock Community College  


To pre-register click here or on the vertical tab on the home page.

.......but do not forget to read the stuff below.

If a player is not available for the dates above, we can set another time to work out with us.  For more information on this, call 804-333-3695.

IMPT....If you plan on attending our tryouts it is necessary for a parent to pre-register their player.  Click
TRYOUTS REGISTRATION to take you to this page.  This helps us to prepare more effectively and notify all if there is a weather conflict.  If you need to contact us, email or call our President, Reggie Brann at 804-333-3695.

Also, be sure to review the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below.


The Northern Neck Rage welcome players interested in our organization.  If a player cannot make one of the dates, contact us as soon as possible to schedule an individual tryout.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we have been richly blessed with many wonderful players, parents, coaches, and sponsors since 2001. We have “made a difference” in the lives of many young people.  We have made an impact.  Our alumni have as well.

Take a look at us in tryouts and we will take a look at you. 

A journey begins with a single step. 


And we have FUN ! ! !



Why should we play for the Rage?  Aren't there other teams around?

Solid organization, with a longevity of more than a decade, stability, consistency, resources, realistic, skilled and experienced coaches.  The Northern Neck Rage is a 501(c)(3) organization started in 2001.  Our board of directors is comprised of people who live in different counties in the area.  All of the board's daughters have aged out, yet our board members and officers continue to commit time and energy to the young ladies.  

We are a stable organization that has put many young ladies on the field year in and year out.  We are about substance; the fundamentals and the basics of the game.  We are realistic.

We have had players from more a dozen counties play with us.  We have consistently prepared softball players to be solid contributors for their high school  programs and beyond.  Over 40 alumni have played college softball.

Our coaches are skilled at knowing the game and still willing to learn more.  We have many years of coaching experience.  Our coaches network with college coaches, helping players prepare to play at that level, if that is a goal.  If it is not, that's okay too.

Over the years, our players and coaches have developed new friends from other areas.  This has been most rewarding.  And we have FUN !!!

Why are you having tryouts in July?

Most travel ball programs will recruit in summer, with tryouts held in July and/or August.  The Northern Neck Rage has found this schedule gives our organization the time (and good warm weather) to closely review and select  players for the teams.

Our newly formed teams, based on the player's age on December 31, 2016, start playing softball in August or September 2016.  The group of players selected will play together into the summer of 2017.
With teams formed, coaches can work closely with the players on their strengths and challenges thru the fall and also over the winter in our indoor training facility, The RaThe team will get together in early 2017 and be ready for tournament play (with the same group of girls) next spring/summer  with a better trained, more prepared, and tested team.

This is consistent with most organizations in our state and is a major advantage to teams utilizing this practice.  Not following this method creates confusion and numbers problems in 2017.  Trophy hunting is not the ultimate goal .... developing solid, skilled players that can and will compete at higher levels of play is the focus, the desired end result.  Yes, we want to compete well !!!

How challenging are the tryouts?  Our daughter may be nervous.

We think tryouts are an excellent life experience, especially if your daughter plans to play sports in high school and/or college.  Life is about success and failure, setting goals, going after something; things to also be experienced as an adult such as applying for a new job, changing careers, and building relationships with others.  We will have fun in our tryouts, but still know some of the girls will not do their best due to being nervous.

Note to Parents:  we find some players do their best if she doesn't know Dad or Mom are there.  As hard as it is to do, hearing a parent's voice during tryouts may not be helpful at that time.  She will want your feedback and need to hear your voice, but at a better time.

We will give your child a good look.  We look for athletes with natural skill and talent, a positive mental attitude, solid communication skills, and a commitment to get better.  If the player or parent  think the potential player did not do her best, we welcome the player to come to another tryout date.  A player is welcome to come to as many tryout sessions as they desire.

If a player does not make a Rage team, it does not mean the young lady is not a solid player.  We have had players not make a Rage team, but tryout again in a future year and make a team.   Any team, including any Rage team, does not need, for example, three or four 1st basemen ( if that is the primary position).  Sometimes the timing and the fit is just not right,  but that doesn't have to mean the end of a child's dream.

Where do you travel to play?  How often do you play?

The word "travel" can be confusing.  We do not play every weekend and we do coordinate the schedule with the parents and players.

Rage teams travel mostly to the Richmond and Tidewater areas, where we find plenty of competition.  Over the years, our teams have also traveled to events in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and other locations.

Each team sets its own schedule.  Most of them play at least eight tournaments a year (with four game minimums per tournament).   If the team's fund raising is solid and it fits the families schedules, a team may play more dates.

One year, a 14U team played eight tournaments in the fall and five/six events in the spring/summer.  A total of 14 tournaments (50 games), because the team had successful fund raising to play extra tournaments and  the schedule worked for the players, parents, and coaches.  

IMPORTANT:  There are travel ball teams that are basically "fall ball" teams, not playing much or at all during the Little League/rec ball season.  This is not the case with the Northern Neck Rage.  There is a difference.  Please read on, important information as there has been misinformation passed on by people not associated with the NNR.

Can my daughter also play LL or rec ball?

Yes.  We work with local LL/rec leagues.  Many of our coaches have been LL coaches and some LL board members, so we understand these relationships are important.  We do expect our team players to give priority to the Northern Neck Rage, but we work hand-in-hand with the rec leagues as much as the local and district LL wants to work with us, giving LL's tournament schedules, etc.  Our younger teams often finish tournament play before All Stars.  It is customary not to play Rage ball during district LL All Star tournaments with the younger age groups.


What age groups will the NNR field?

18U, 14U, 12U ...... there are openings on each team as we approach tryouts, including pitching.

Reggie put together from scratch a 12U NNR team in 2005.  There were several 10 year old players playing up, including Elizabeth McCarthy, now a rising senior at Longwood and one of the best pitchers that school has ever had.  Some 10U age players can play 12U just as our 18U team has 13/14/15 year olds contributing in our tournaments this summer.

We are not going to have a 10U team UNLESS a local coach comes to us with a ready made  team, including solid pitching and catching.  If that is the case, it is FREE4FALL as the team can play for nothing this fall.  The NNR will pay for three tournaments, provide the tops (jerseys) and the insurance.


The fee for 2016 - 2017 will be set in the next few days.  The fee is based on a number of things, including our players securing a level of sponsorship commitment.  We do not want to see any child excluded due to finances.  Therefore, we have systems in place to help families, such as  a payment plan, additional child discounts, and other procedures to reduce a player's fee.  We also accept VISA and MasterCard.

There are a number of costs and expenses we have as an organization.


1.  Team equipment (balls, pitching machines, catchers gear, safety/first aid kit, score cards, training equipment etc.)
2.   Uniforms  (we have provided more than one set of each to use at no cost to the player, except players may buy their own pants).
3.  Registration fees for each division of play as well as the cost of the tournaments.
4.  Administration cost:   insurance and other items
5.  Training Aids such as Right View Pro, which utilizes video and computer technology to enhance a player's hitting and/or pitching skills.  This teaching tool is used by many college softball programs.  This is another of the tools that sets us apart from other organizations in the area.
6.  Local cost: practice facilities and fields, etc. that are used by the teams and also  individual players.


Please note we do not pay for travel expenses such as gasoline or hotels for local tournaments.  We have provided housing at national tournaments when out of state.  This depends on the fund raising efforts of the team.

Where do you practice?

Our teams in 2015-2016 have practiced serveral places, mostly at Rappahannock Community College in Warsaw (Reggie Brann, NNR President/ co-founder is the RCC Head Coach) and Essex County LL.  Practice locations  may be determined by the  geographical make-up of the team.


And we have FUN ! ! !


Getting it done, while having fun !


The Northern Neck Rage 
Since 2001



Updated 7/18/2016